How can we change the current situation?

11th December 2017

What needs to be done if we are to change the dreadful situation that has been allowed to fester in our society for far too long?


The Foodbank needs –

Constant donations of food, toiletries and cleaning materials so it can always offer the essentials to our community.

Financial donations so that we can always keep the Foodbank doors open.

Our Society needs –

The public to challenge the Government about the awful and increasing inequality damaging our Society.

The public to stop making misinformed judgements about the souls who access the Foodbank.

The public to challenge those who make the misinformed judgements and help them to see that those who are struggling are their neighbours, friends or family.

To our community –

Remember to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers, individuals, businesses, schools, churches and organisations who recognise that there are problems in their community and are willing to offer whatever they can to right them.



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